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Professional Pet Training in Lakewood, CO

Mantayo Kennels & Dog School offers a variety of professional pet training classes for your dog. Whether you have a new puppy or are just looking to have some fun with agility courses, come to Mantayo Kennels & Dog School. We have a class for every dog and owner!

Puppy Pre-School & basic Obedience

Ready to get started with positive reinforcement training for your puppy? Now is the time! Learn about proper socialization; focus and attention games; how to begin teaching your puppy the basics; including sit, down, stays, leave it, loose leash walking, polite greetings, the always important recalls, and how to have FUN while training your puppy! If you are interested in AKC Star Puppy testing, please ask instructor.

Basic Obedience class expands on those skills noted above as age appropriate for your adolescent or older dog. Canine Good Citizen exercises are taught as part of the class. If you need help with a specific issue – we can address that either in class or privately.

Obedience Drop-In

This class focuses primarily on competitive obedience, covering Beginner Novice through Novice and Graduate Novice exercises. Preparing for competition, while always having fun and improving the bond between you and your dog. People in this class may not compete, but will learn the exercises that will help them have a happier dog with better focus and attention. We also cover Canine Good Citizen exercises so that we can help you prepare for CGC testing. Tests will be held at various times throughout the year.

Agility Training

Looking to have some fun or training for an event? Mantayo Kennels & Dog School provides basic and advanced agility training for dogs. Your dog will learn how to navigate and complete obstacles courses.

Private Training

Prefer to learn basic obedience, work with your puppy at home or have a dog that isn’t ready for a group class situation? We can help with a private in-home series.

Is your dog jumping up on people, going nuts when the doorbell rings, barking, or need more work on manners? Individual sessions for specific needs are available by appointment.

Canine Musical Freestyle

Canine Musical Freestyle (dancing with your dog) is a great way to have fun with your dog! You may work toward competing with your dog or just building a terrific bond and teamwork with your dog. Freestyle gives you and your dog the foundation skills you’ll need for many other dog sports. Whether you decide to compete, or just do freestyle for fun, you and your dog will gain confidence as a team and work together in a way you may never have thought possible.

Can’t make a class time or just want to work privately? Freestyle Private lessons are available by appointment.

Rally Drop-In

Rally Obedience is a fun way to learn and use obedience skills while creating great teamwork with your dog. Rally is a set course with numbered signs that have an obedience move/cue at each of the numbered stations. These classes help prepare those who wish to compete to become ring ready or just have fun. Rally is a competitive sport offered at different venues. Private lessons are available by appointment.

Our Trainers & Classes


Canine Frontier Training and Performance, LLC

Positive Training for You and Your Dog

Puppy and Obedience Classes:
Monday: Puppy Pre-School – 10 am
Friday: Obedience Drop-In – 12 noon
Saturday: Basic Obedience – 12 noon
Sunday: Puppy Pre-School – 10 am
Obedience Drop-In – 11 am

We also offer Puppy II and Basic Obedience II classes for continued obedience training.
Canine Musical Freestyle:
Freestyle Drop-Ins:
Friday Morning – 10:15 am
Sunday Afternoon – 1:00 pm

Rally Obedience:
Tuesday Drop-In – 9 am
Thursday Drop-In – 6:30 pm
For more information or to sign up for classes, contact Laurel at, or text 720-233-3461.

Red Johnson


Agility Training

Red has been competing in agility since 2000. She started with a Dalmatian named Dylan. For the last 16 years she has been running Shelties. Two of her shelties have earned their Merit of Excellence in DOCNA and all of them have reached the Masters level in AKC, NADAC and DOCNA. Her Shelties have earned both Regional and National Championships in DOCNA. Red also continues to train with national trainers and attends seminars to keep updated with new training methods and new rules for the venues she competes in.

Please note: Dogs and handlers must have passed basic obedience to start class. Only flat buckle collars are allowed with nothing dangling.
Classes are held at the following times:
  • Friday- 5:30PM to 7PM- Advanced
  • Friday 7PM- 8PM- Beginner 2
  • Saturday 8:30AM- 9:30- Advanced
  • Saturday 9:40-10:40- Intermediate
  • Saturday 10:45- 11:45- Beginner 1
Contact Red Johnson at 303-912-0253 or
Dog Jumping - Dog agility training in Lakewood CO
White Dog - Dog obedience training in Lakewood, CO

Cindy Bennett


Just for Fun Agility

My Labrador and I entered a Trick and a Lookalike Contest 15 years ago and we Won first place in both. Got a big stuffed Doggy and a Gift Certificate for a Dog agility class @ Mantayo. That's all it took and I got addicted and Sold. A great way to connect to other Dogs and their owners. I wanted to help connect people with their dogs. I Love helping them build a Confident Dog through Agility. I have been teaching at Mantayo for 8 years now. I love it and so far 2 Dogs have been gifted to be my Demo dogs. Love to have Fun? With Your Dog I can help You have fun teaching You and Your Pup a Just for Fun Agility way of life.

Just for Fun Agility any level where you're at. For the beginner, intermediate and experienced. Practice for Agility trials or get ready to perform at trials and just Your back yard play. There is more bonding, obedience work, problem solving and Just for Fun playing with your dog, dogs. Want a Job for Your Dog, Dogs?

Join the Just for Fun Agility Class: Saturday's - starts at 5pm, as classes fill up times open through the evening.

Please note: RSVP is required. Please bring me a copy of up-to-date veterinary shot records of rabies, distemper (DHLPP) bordatella

$15.00 per hour per one dog. Send email to Cindy Bennett:
Dog Class - Dog agility training in Lakewood, CO
Dog Trainer - Dog agility training in Lakewood, CO

Diane dubose


Rally Class - Beginner to Advanced (AKC & ASCA)

Diane has owned and trained five Australian Shepherds and one Border Collie in agility, obedience, rally, flyball, and Nose Work. After achieving multiple titles in all those performance sports, she feels the key to success is the journey and the relationship with each dog.

Diane taught agility from 1996-1999 in Florida, and developed a program at a Denver school in 2000. She now has a roster of over fifty students in agility at her own facility, Hoppin’ in the Hills, several students in rally, and 15+ students in Nose Work classes.

Through Spirit, her deceased deaf Aussie, Diane formed the Denver Deaf Dog Group with eleven deaf dogs and their families. That group has grown to a list of over 300 families and rescue contacts, still holding an annual playday. Animal Planet contacted Diane about training deaf dogs in the Denver area and came to Colorado to film a segment on how common deaf dogs are and how easy it is to train them. Since 2000, she has consulted with over thirty owners and helped them train their deaf dogs.

Diane believes that safety and fun are of utmost importance in training dogs. If the dog is not having fun it is not open to learning. Having a dog that enjoys what it is doing is very fulfilling to the dog and gives them a sense of worth and builds confidence. The time spent training also increases the bond and strengthens the relationship between owner and pet.

Diane trains at her own facility in Indian Hills, Mantayo Kennels, Zinn Dog Training and All Dog Sense facilities for nose work.
Contact Diane DuBose at

Jody Kelly


Obedience, Rally, Agility, and Conformation Training

I started training and showing dogs at the age of 9 years old in 4-h. I have shown dobermans, German shepherds, and now shelties. I now have 3 shelties that i show in obedience, rally, agility, and conformation.
Classes are held on Thursdays starting May 25 at 1:00 p.m. $15. Drop in Conformation.
Contact Jody Kelly at 720-842-2183 or
Dog Trainer - Dog obedience training in Lakewood, CO



Agility Training, and Behavior Modification

Diana has made it her life’s study understanding dog behavior and the mind of the dog. She built her own very successful business in NJ for 15 years, Teacher’s Pet Dog Training and Behavior Modification Services. She has served as Vice President and Training Director of American Sport Dog, East Coast Dog Training Club. She also currently evaluates and tests therapy dogs.
Diana has competed and titled her dogs in multiple agility venues including CPE, AKC, TDAA, DOCNA, and UKI. She currently runs Gus at the Masters level in AKC. Gus took 3rd place at the 2016 TDAA Western Regional Championship.
As a certified Professional Behaviorist with decades of experience, she has the knowledge and experience to help your dog over come ANY behavior issue.
Excellent references and more details can be found at her website:

Class pricing :
Classes 6 weeks $72. 6-8 students max
Private lessons $ 75 per hour

Behavior Modification-
Private Lessons $95 per hour
For all classes with Diana Coles, please contact her directly at 303 909 9362
Petit Prix 2016

Jay Acker/Stefanie Perrine


Conformation Training

Hands down the Best Conformation Training in Denver!
Classes are held at the following times:
  • Wednesday - 7:00
  • More info and pics coming soon.
For more information about our training classes, call Mantayo Kennels & Dog School today at 303-985-4011.